Employee Benefits

It is essential that your employee’s benefits experience is positive, this drives the value of your plan.  Employee benefits are a way of attracting, fostering  and retaining diverse talent – the kind of employee that reflects your vision and builds your business.

The U.S. healthcare system is increasingly complex, confusing to both employees and employers, while health care costs continue to rise and legislative and economic changes alter the benefit landscape, employers are looking for innovative and cost-efficient employee benefits solutions.  Employers must continue to manage costs, this includes plan administrative costs, strong vendor management and sound design and cost sharing tactics.

We work closely with our clients to understand, assess and solve their most challenging problems, we will partner with you to develop and implement tailored strategies for your organization. 


We will work with your team to evaluate your operations, programs and administrative processes.  Provide independent and objective assessments of the current environment, compare them against industry standards as well as best practices, and provide specific recommendations for areas of improvement  to better align with your business objectives.

This may include an analysis of functions that should be handled in-house versus those that are better performed by an outside vendor or specialist.  It may also include a consultation and updated strategy around a specific Benefits program or process.  We work with your team utilizing Design Thinking and Rapid Improvement methodologies to work  to implement measurable change.


We can advise your team through the vendor evaluation and selection process for benefit administration and employee enrollment systems.  In addition, we manage vendor implementations and ongoing delivery.


We provide strategic advice, including financial and administrative impact analysis as well as practical day-to-day insurance mandate guidelines.  As Including the following:


– Affordable Care Act (ACA)


– Tools and documents to address regulatory requirements


We understand that project management is an essential building block of a successful company, this is critical in everything from successfully implementing a new system to managing daily operations. It is necessary to introduce and manage standards, best practices and budget guidelines for projects as well as develop quantifiable measures of success.


We will work with you to create a technical vision and strategy to optimize your organizations efficiency and enhance the end user experience.  We will map out what your employees do, who is responsible, how they perform activities, and equally important, how they impact other functions within your organization and your business partners.  


New technology, new systems or new processes, involves change. Change readiness demands educating the stakeholders and effectively training the users. The best solution will fail if those who will be most affected don’t know how to use it.  Our training services include:

– Defining Needs Assessment

– Defining Training Strategy

– Develop Training Materials

– Training the Trainer

– Training Execution