An effective Diversity and Inclusion program provides employees with tools and resources to work well together while embracing diverse perspectives.  Organizations need to commit and continuously work to create an environment that embraces differences and is truly inclusive.  Our D&I training solutions are designed to build awareness and provide participants with tools and resources to create and maintain an inclusive workplace.


– What is Diversity and Inclusion, and why they matter

– Cultural Intelligence

– Discover barriers to inclusion and how to overcome them

– How you can create an inclusive workplace

– Communicate and work more effectively with diverse co-workers, colleagues, customers, and members of the community

– Unconscious Bias

– Identifying Discrimination in the Workplace

– Recognizing and Addressing Cross Cultural Conflict

– Institutionalized Racism (Sexism, Ableism, etc.)

– Microaggressions and Macroaggressions

– New Hire Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


We will work with you to  tailor a training program that supports your D&I objectives.